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Past life archetypes (PLA) are about how the human psyche carries tendencies and reactive components that are shaped by what has happened in the past. The history, or what has already happened leaves certain emotional imprints in us that affects us in our present day life. This can be in ways that are restrictive and uncomfortable. For example, it can cause limitations that stop our lives from being fully functional, i.e., stop it from being the sort of life we would like it to be. It can show up as fears/phobias, repetitive bad choices, health issues, relationship problems and emotional reactions that we find confusing and/or shameful.

We are going on a journey that can only be described as incredulous and even shocking. When asked, most of us will say that all we want is to be happy. Yet PLA causes us to repeat our behaviour even if that behavoir is counterproductive to a happy and peaceful life.

This writing does not try to "prove" that past lives exists or try to explain the mechanism of how reincarnation works. It is a pragmatic attempt to help those who are aware, or becoming aware that they have certain repetitive patterns in their life that is not conducive to their happiness and/or is a barrier to their becoming the person they would like to be. They might even have tried many forms of talking therapies (counselling, etc.) without success. 

This site will help link the kind of behaviour or reaction that you are aware of and follow through to suggest the type of past life experience, or "archetypal experience", that might be responsible for it. Understanding that one's reaction has its roots in the past events and happenings in human history takes the "blame" off ourselves and reduces the shame of our unfathomable and unwanted feelings and patterns. Not being ashamed of these deep tendencies start to remove the strong repression of them and allows them to surface from the shadowy depths and become visible ("bring it into the light"). Once visible, the non-judgemental examination that follows will remove the power these archetypes have over the individual, allowing the person to be free of its dictates.

Why would I be interested in PLA?

This is a rhetorical question as by reading this far, an interest has already been established. A more meaningful question might be "what use would the information be to me?" Well, the world population is in the billions and yet each person is a diverse and wonderful mix of the mundane and the mysterious. So your reaction to what you read is likely be very personal and specific - from the satisfying of a "curiosity itch" to a deep and lasting change in the quality of your life.

Pass Life Therapists

Most people viewing this website would probably start their past life healing journey with a pass life regression therapist. Hence we have provided a list of such therapist in the "Contact" page.


The "Articles" page has a list of adjunctive articles with a brief description of each and a link to them. Do browse this page but please note that this is a reference style page only. You do not need to read every article but only follow through to the ones that "draw" you as you read their summary. It might well be that you might not have to bother with any of these at all.