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How to Use This Site

The "Stories" page is where it is suggested your first port of call might be. It lists in categories, the various dysfunctions that you might feel in your life. Choosing one carefully and following its link will lead to a page with more details which can be used to assess the closeness of the description to your problem. If there is a similarity, then you could read the story that follows. Initially the story might or might not resonate with you. It can take a while for the energy of the Archetype to hit home, so let it go for a while and see if come back into your thoughts in the days that follows.

What Next

So you have found the issue that is causing difficulties in your life and the Archetypal story connected with it. The next thing to do is to slowly let it develop and mature in its own time. You will probably have very strong emotions associated with it and allow these to run their course. It might not be pleasant, it could generate feelings of shame and embarrassment but this is OK and is an indication that the Archetype is correct and starting to heal you. There might also be salient experiences that highlights the issue you are dealing with. Or persons might appear with whom you interact which causes escalation your emotions. Stay with the difficulties that arise while trying to remain non-judgemental about what you are experiencing.

How Long

So the length of time it takes for the past life resonance to fade away will vary for each problem. Some Archetypes are very ingrained and some are relatively superficial. The minor ones can disappear within a week or two. And the major ones ...... well, we have to be honest and give our own experience of the "bottom of the barrel" Archetype that took six years. But it was well worth it. It was not six years of pain and intensity but phases of intensity and discomfort that appeared sporadically. These lasted from several days to a few months.

Worst Fear Scenario (click for more information)

This clearing of historical influences from your psyche can sometimes give rise to you having to face the "worst fear" you can imagine. Fortunately, this does not happen in every case so please do not be put off doing the work. Your very worst fear is possibly not something you are aware of in everyday life. It is likely that you have experienced snippets of it if you are an adult of "mid life" years. But your life would be very much affected by this as the existence of this deep inner terror will colour all your important decisions and the life paths you choose. Working on this profound wound of yours is best done when you have good friends, family or therapist around you as there could be times when you might find it difficult to hold your life together. Please do not worry about this as I firmly believe that the level of healing that we have to deal with is what we can cope with at that time.