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Soul Contracts

Soul Contracts can be thought of as a sacred agreement made between two souls (can be more) to expand the consciousness of the whole. It is made from the highest perspective or if you like, by the higher selves, so might sometimes make little sense to the same beings who are incarnated earth. Clarity depends on how much one can or cannot raise ones vibrations towards the level of the higher selves. The contract is likely to be made to heal the wounds of past relationships.

First Steps

Now, herein lies the rub. As we incarnates have free will, we may not necessarily carry out the contract! So the contract has a built-in mechanism that will draw the contracted souls together. This could manifest as “chemistry” or “magnetic pull” or “falling in love” or “gut reaction” or plain old “lust”.

As the players come together, some pretty strong emotions will surface. Initially, these will be pleasant so as to draw the beings closer together. Then the past wounds need to come out so that they can be addressed. The playback of feelings from a past life that can become really uncomfortable or even painful. These can be insecurities, jealousies, sexual frustrations and/or perversions, abandonment fears, abuse, control, powerlessness, worthlessness or many more other examples. There can even be a desire to murder or fear of death. Some beings will be drawn to repeat their dramas of the past, but in a modern setting. The participants will likely lose some sense of their everyday personality and start doing and feeling things that surprises them. So this past life personality will coexist in the same body as the present day person.


So how does one handle this situation to best carry out the soul contract to its conclusion? Even at the most potent phase of the drama, the players will have the free will to abandon the contract. But to do so will only bring in another contract to complete, so it is not an easy “get out” clause. Each contract flow will be different and need handling differently but here are a few general guidelines that might help.

  1. Keep Your Heart Open - Even though you might be feeling really vulnerable, practice techniques to keep your heart chakra soft and loving. Think of people or pets that bring you a warm feeling. Closing your heart will project you into a nasty world of fear and anger.
  2. Exercise and Nature - Long walks and being in beautiful natural surroundings can act as a balm to soothe the intensity and pain of the situation. It will also give you a chance to reflect on what is going on and perhaps glean some wisdom insights on your predicament.
  3. Prayer - When you are desperate, in the darkest of spaces, and feel alone and abandoned, prayer can move you closer to your higher self and guides. You do not necessarily need a religion to cry and plead for god’s help. Prayer is like asking for a higher perspective that can reduce the hurting.
  4. Compassion For All - Know that the fellow soul contractor you are working with is not hurting you on purpose. Be aware that they are also suffering and are trying to heal. But most of all, be kind to yourself. You had the courage to take on this healing and need all the love support from you.
  5. Know You’ll Come Out Alive - At times the emotional intensity might feel like it will annihilate your existence. Your world becomes black and without hope. At such times, know that you will come out at the other end alive. Just hang on in there a little longer.

What is the payback from all this? (Or what the hell is it all about?)

Taking on soul contracts is the fast route to healing. So the steep learning curve is harder to climb compared to the gentler slopes but it is the shorter route. It is usually only presented to those who have been on a spiritual path for a while. Soul contracts have the potential to get us to relate in more loving and creative ways rather than dysfunctionally through our wounds. And our healing of past life relationship wounds will expand the collective ability of all of us to heal in the same way.

Addendum: It has to be stated that the contract might well be to learn when to “pull the plug” on the actual contract. I was in one once where we, in present day life were semi-consciously tracking the story of a joint past life very closely. The finale of this story was not known to us then but involved one of us murdering the other. But the bad panic attacks I was experiencing and the abject terror my contract partner was feeling made us call a halt to this relationship. Only after that did we find out how it all ended in the past - phew! If your interactions are getting very “toxic” it might be wise to call a halt there and then. You can always restart the contract later if it feels right to do so.